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About me

I decided to start painting in 2001, after many years of designing and making clothes, and 12 years as an aromatherapist .

I had always longed to paint but was too busy bringing up children and gardening, doing pottery, designing and making clothes and jewellery. 

I chose to find my own way rather than go to classes, and began by painting flowers from our garden near London. Slowly I found a way to express  the essence, vitality and beauty of nature, attempting to bring a sense of harmony and joy,

sometimes painting brightly and colourfully, and other times in pale soft colours, using acrylic paint on canvas.

I have sold many paintings privately in England and abroad and have exhibited at-

Compton Casey Gallery, Gloucestershire

Apple Gallery, Godalming, Surrey

Vivartis Show, Wormley, Surrey (four consecutive years)

KD Gallery, London

Saatchi Gallery, London

Guildford Cathedral- Solo Exhibition

Michelham Priory, East Sussex

Houghton Lodge, Hampshire



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